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10 #Self-Love #Affirmations to tell yourself EVERYDAY

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

It is so powerful to feed yourself the right food. What you tell yourself is key. I have learned over the years how serious it is repeat everything daily. Now, I have to be realistic about life, and everyday isn't peachy. You have to fight negative thoughts, just as much as you have to fight to intentionally feed yourself positive thoughts. I'm writing this post to help you come up with some #self-love #affirmations to put in your phone, to tell yourself daily.

I put my #affirmations in my phone as custom alarms, so I inserted a video below on how to do that.

There are 24 Hours in a day, so you can have as many affirmations as you want in your phone. The most important thing is to say them intentionally to yourself. You have to consciously say them. Below are 10 #Self-Love #Affirmations:

  1. I love the skin I'm in.

  2. I am confident in my decisions.

  3. I am made to perfection.

  4. I attract positive vibes.

  5. I am grateful for my life.

  6. I am amazing.

  7. I am authentic.

  8. I am thankful and focus.

  9. I am going into a better version of myself.

  10. I am proud of myself.

I wish you much success and an amazing life! Now go be great!

P.S. If you need some more motivation CLICK HERE!


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