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Meet Deanna

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Empowerment Queen.

In this age of fads and gimmicks, I represent all parts of the TRUTH. I am Deanna Darcel, The Empowerment Queen. As an Atlanta native, I have a strong love for helping women around me, but I also enjoy reaching women all across the country. My honest and authentic approach to life and business has garnered me speaking engagement opportunities and the ability to drive women with tremendous force to their best selves through my company. My 30-Day Empowerment Program has left women rejuvenated and confident enough to move out of any comfort or stagnant zones. 


How did I get to the point where helping others fuels me? Well, I learned to help myself first. I stopped making excuses about my career, fitness, life, and goals. I found the power I already had and fed that more than mediocracy. I changed my life, and now as a guest speaker for more than four significant events, workshop curator, and businesswoman, I am here to do the same for women everywhere. 

Enough is enough; start your change today.

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